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About Me - KeithJones
Changing Markets? How about changing everything! Change is a natural and hated part of reality and today change is coming at a furious pace and with a lot of stupid mistakes. Real people get hurt by stupid mistakes. We are living in a time of massive paradigm change. In the creative arts and journalism no one seems to have a clue as to where things are going, why and where for. I'm a true paradigm hunter. I'm seeking new ways, and means to connect to customers, clients, readers, listeners, consumers, professionals or what ever you are trying to connect with. Publishers, news organizations, music and film distribution, the real controls holding creatives back are melting away. Books can be written and sold by one person. Even a feature film can be made for an extremely low budget and self distribute with great success. You need new coping skills. How do you use the team approach without creating a business? This is a time when your primary mission all is that matters not a companies. You need to be driven and a results-oriented leader. I'm a creative consultant exploring for the future just like you. Want to go there together? I specialize in research, communications and data mining on companies and individuals. I also aid in strategic people matching for what ever your job needs. My research skill set is highly developed and geared toward doing detailed research on any topic especially for doctors in the mental health field. I take the time and do the detail work you don't have time to do and reduce that information into briefs, white papers legal documents or whatever is needed for the task at hand. I can find out anything about anyone (or company information) to the depth needed by the client. Read more about me and my works here
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